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Wuerth Silicone Spray Grease

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  • Chemical basis: Polydimethylsiloxane
  • Colour: Transparent, translucent, opaque
  • Contents: 500 ml

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Glass-like transparent, extremely lubricating and insulating silicone grease that displaces water
  • Good moisture and corrosion protection due to extremely good water-displacing effect
  • Excellent sliding and lubricating properties on almost all surfaces
  • Very high level of electrical resistance
  • Excellent insulating effect
  • Free from acids and resin
  • Colour: Transparent when sprayed on; a cloudy glass-like film remains once it has flashed off
Application area:Suitable for lubricating door pins, slide rails, door and furniture hinges, drawers, and plastic, sliding roof and seat guides, etc. Also suitable for lubricating switches, electrical wiring and sensitive components to protect them against moisture and corrosion.

Instructions:Shake the product before use. Spray a thin coat onto the surface to be treated and steam off the solvent.

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