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Wuerth Quick Fresh Silver 100ml CAR FRESHNER

Original price was: ₹1150.Current price is: ₹900.

  • Chemical basis: Water
  • Contents: 100 ml
  • Weight of content: 77 g
  • Smell/fragrance: Characteristic
  • Colour: Light grey

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For effective elimination of odours from vehicle interiors and air-conditioning units in vehicles. User-friendly
  • Reduces unpleasant odours
  • Long-lasting effect with antibacterial silver ions
  • Has a preventive effect against bacteria
  • No laborious disassembly work on the evaporator and interior
  • No additional manual for specific work steps required

Universal, flexible and mobile

  • Same process for all vehicle types
  • Flexible in the application, mobile in use

Enhanced value creation, Chargeable unit — one can for one application

With a long-lasting fresh scent. AOX and silicone-free. Water-based

Application area:For effective elimination of odours from vehicle interiors and air-conditioning units in vehicles

Instructions:No persons are allowed to be inside the vehicle during application.

All electrical devices must be switched off during application. Avoid ignition sources. Ventilate the vehicle well for several minutes after use. Do not smoke inside the vehicle straight after application. Use only one can per application.

1. Switch-off air-conditioning unit, activate air circulation

2. Set ventilation to maximum and select a cold temperature level for the interior

3. Shake can well before use

4. Position the can in the footwell and activate the spray head. Keep doors and windows closed during application (approx. 2 min.). Make sure that the spraying jet (90 – 150 cm) does not reach, for example, the lighting and sliding roof control elements and the display, radio, navigation etc. 5. Remove excess substance immediately with a damp cloth

6. Ventilate the vehicle well after use

Notice:Preliminary tests are essential before use, especially on light surfaces.

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