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Paint Restoration Polish 1L

Original price was: ₹2600.Current price is: ₹2010.

  • Weight of content: 950 g
  • Colour: Green
  • pH value: 8

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High-quality product. Balanced combination of waxes, polymers and Teflon. Protects the painted surface, in particular against environmental influences such as acid rain and industrial contamination.

Application area: The polish has been specially developed for the long-term protection of automotive paints, for slightly weathered and older vehicle paints faded e.g. due to sunlight or frequent washing in car washes. It can be applied to all paint types and colours as well as chrome parts.


  • Facilitates effortless and streak-free polishing with the removal of residues and polishing out of minor scratches
  • Apply thinly onto the surface to be treated with a soft cloth
  • Allow product to take effect for several minutes after applying and allow to dry. We recommend a drying time of more than five minutes to facilitate effortless polishing
  • After the drying phase, excess polish is removed from the painted surface with a soft, clean cloth
  • The paint is finally polished to a high-gloss finish (preferably in a circular motion) with a clean polishing cloth
  • If using a polishing machine, polish the paint with a soft polishing pad.

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