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Liqui Moly Silicone Spray 300Ml

Original price was: ₹1000.Current price is: ₹750.

  • pleasant odor
  • eliminates unwanted noise
  • outstanding release agent during inert gas-shielded arc welding
  • impregnates
  • insulates
  • protects and cares for all plastics
  • clean application

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Silicone-based separating agent, lubricant and protective agent free from mineral oils and greases. For plastics, rubber, metal and wood. Clean application. Spray a thin coat onto the parts to be treated and allow to dry. Eliminates disturbing secondary noises from plastics. Impregnates and insulates. Pleasant odor. Outstanding lubricant for sunroof and seat guides, carburetor linkage and door and window hinges. Treatment and protective aid for plastics and rubber. Release agent during inert gas welding. For eliminating noise on plastic coverings.
Spray a thin and even coating onto the components to be treated and repeat the treatment if necessary. Do not work in the vicinity of painted areas. It must be ensured that Silicone Spray is not sprayed on food or on machine components which come into direct contact with food.